Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tut, Tut, looks like rain

The weather this past week has been great for outdoor sittings! Too bad the rain is going to start this weekend.

I had two great shoots last week,

The first was these three great kids. Well, two kids and one extremely helpful older sister. It was so much fun to photograph them playing and having a good time.

The second was a beautiful first grade teacher. She was so great, and commented on how someone should photograph me while I am shooting. She says I take funny positions and look somewhat like an old Greek statue. :) People tell me all the time that I look funny, but I never really thought about it. I just do whatever makes the shot in my lens, I get lost in it.

My weekend plans have changed a bit due to the rain, but I am even more excited about what I am doing instead. My god-daughter Ashley is going to be staying with me. On Sunday, I think we are going to be playing in the rain.
Enjoy the last hour of sunshine!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Suzanne and Martin

What a wonderful couple.

Their wedding is just over a month away. A beautiful barn is where their reception is going to be held so we thought only fitting that we do their engagement photos there. They were so great to photograph because they were so loving toward each other and went along with most of my ideas….even climbing a tree!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lucky Me

I am so grateful every day to be doing what I am doing. I love my job! The people I get to photograph, and spend time with, I just keep thinking how lucky I am.

Last week I photographed this gorgeous 10 month old. She was such a blast! She loved rolling around on Mommy's bed, playing peek a boo and giggling.

Thanks again to her mom for letting me photograph her!