Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Suzanne and Martin's wedding

I should be packing...but blogging is more fun!!

Faith and I had a great time at Suzanne and Martin's wedding two weeks ago. The weather and barn were so GORGEOUS. They are such a fun, laid back couple. Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Thanks Suzanne and Martin for letting Faith and I capture your special day!

Don't you worry...that's not all I have to show. On Father's Day, I photographed Theresa. She is a model and we had so much fun. Maybe it's the way I hold a reflector in tall grass :)

I also have a few sneak peeks from other shoots I am still editing:

My friend Model/Photographer Paulette. We had such a great day of shooting. There are so many images, but here is my favorite of what I have dome so far.

My friend and fellow photographer Kyung and her family. I had such a good time playing in the park with them. Despite the mosquitoes :(

I also had a photo day with some of my favorite photographers and friends. I haven't even gotten to those yet, but I promise I will have some soon. Maybe even one of moi ;)

In addition to editing, I have a HUGE amount of packing to do. Pete and I are moving on Sunday. We are excited about our new start, but don't worry I am only moving a town over. Also I am going to have a big announcement about Dorie Lynn Photography's wedding's. I'll give you a hint: "____ _____ smiling at you."

Soon I will post more I promise. OH! I also stared a Flickr! I have a lot of new pictures up there also. The link is above under my links section. Check it out! That's all for now, stay cool! ;)