Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blue Skies smiling at me...

I have to say that moving is NOT fun. I had never moved before and had no idea it would be so difficult. Now that I am settled in I am able to get back to business!

Courtney and Paul are getting married in August. They are such a nice couple, and their dog Cooper is SO cute! We decided to do lots of shots with him because he is such a big part of the family.

Plus look at that face, how could I stop! :)

This week I also got to photograph Bridget and Toby for their engagement photos. Walden Pond is where he proposed so we thought it would make a great backdrop. Their wedding is only a little over a week away and it is going to be in beautiful Hyannis. Both of them are really sweet and a lot of fun to be around. I can’t wait till the wedding!

I am still behind on editing, and don’t worry…I haven’t forgotten the images from photo day. All in good time, I promise.

Oh, right…I almost forgot my big announcement! Well my good friend and wedding assistant Faith and I have decided to start our own wedding photography company. The name: Blue Sky Wedding Photography. We have been doing weddings together for a while and I thought it would be great if we started doing them as partners, that way I have her graphic design expertise when it comes to album design and she has my joker charm when it comes to editing boredom! We are currently working on behind the scenes stuff, but I will have a web address when it is ready.



Meg said...

Congratulations to you and Faith! That will be awesome!