Monday, December 17, 2007

Uh! Oh!

Wow, I am a bad blogger!

This Holiday season took me by surprise. I was a lot busier than I anticipated which is really great! I have LOTS of fun shoots to share so I will get right down to it:

You may remember this cutie. This is Pete’s nephew and he just gets cuter by the second. Every time I see him he says more things, and this time he thought it would be fun to “tackle” me. It is football season after all!

Next up are these adorable twin girls. They were a ball of giggles and I had such a great time with them.

I LOVE tutu’s!

I also had the pleasure of photographing these guys. They are all cousins and by the end of the shoot, one of the little girls was wearing my “party shoes” and hugging on to my leg. I cannot wait to go back and photograph this group again!

Look at those curls

…and those lashes. These kids were all so beautiful!!

My boss is next on the list. She is one of my best friends and I am lucky to have her in my life. I thought it would be fun to photograph her as I see her…beautiful!!

While I am adding some model stuff, I also had the pleasure of photographing Christa, an aspiring. She is from the south so she was not really prepared for the cold weather. I tried something a little different with a balloon. I love balloons with the kids, and why shouldn't adults get to have some fun too? ;)

Next, I have this really cute brother and sister. They were so cute and the older sister was so sweet to her brother.

Amy is a co-worker of mine and also an actress. We thought it might be fun to photograph her in a way she is not usually. She is so much fun and we made her kind of punk rock/Emo.

And I have another group of cousins. I photographed the little guys parents wedding a few years back and his mom is my hairdresser. What a great group of people and adorable kids (I guess all kids are cute, or at least all my clients! ;))
Oh! I almost forgot this sweet newborn. I swear November was the month for newborns. I photographed more newborns this past November than I did all last year!
I just loved this babies milky skin with the nanny's hands!
Lastly I have a couple pictures from Julia and Drew's wedding Faith and I did a few weeks back, when I get Faith’s pictures they will be on the blue sky blog.
Whew! Lots of fun, beautiful, family, friends and kids I was able to photograph this past month. The best part is that was only a few of them! I really do LOVE my job! Thank you to all my clients who allowed me to photograph their families, every shoot was a pleasure!

That is all for now. I promise I will not neglect this blog any more. I have some fun shoots coming up this week and also I am working on a new website. YAY! I plan on getting it live for the first of January. Start the New Year with a new website. I will keep you posted on exactly when.

Happy Holidays everybody. Enjoy your family and friends!