Friday, August 17, 2007

Live in Love...

I am really feeling the love this summer. Most of my shoots lately have been engagement, weddings or just couple wanting some fun summer images. Even I dragged Pete to have our pictures taken by my super talented friend Jaime (we did a little trade, today I am photographing her and her boyfriend…SO EXCITED!) I guess that’s why they call it summer love! :)

Last week I photographed my friend Jovee and her girlfriend Chrissy. I have to say I love the feeling I get from couples like them, they are so playful and fun. Plus they were totally willing to do what I thought would look cool… “Trust me, getting soaked in the waterfall that people are not supposed to go in is totally cool.”

This past weekend was Pete’s cousins wedding, where I for the first time was the guest at a wedding. I am not very good at being the guest. Gorgeous bride + Handsome groom = a very jealous Dorie. I did end up snapping a few shots though.

See, aren’t they such a GORGEOUS couple?

This week I was also able to photograph these two future heartbreakers. I think boys in general are just so funny, maybe that is my baby brothers doing. Anyway, these little guys were so much fun, jumping, running and releasing balloons.

Look at those eyes!!

Thanks Mom for letting me photograph them.

Lastly, just a note, I will be on a much needed mini-vacation from Saturday 8/18 through Tuesday 8/21. I will e out of town and most likely not have access to internet or my voicemail. Any e-mails or calls will be returned when I get back on Wednesday.
Enjoy this weekend, and savor the last tastes of summer. I know I will!!